Professional Assistance Services

Professional Assistance Services Always phone our call centre if you get into difficulties on your travels. We can help you if your vehicle is not working due to a breakdown or an accident.

We will send our mechanic to you in case of a breakdown that, according to us, can be fixed immediatly without taking your vehicle into a car service. When elemental breakdowns occur we will call a credible towing service that will take your broken down vehicle to a garage of your choice. If you are within Slovak borders we can usually help you within 30 minutes from your first phonecall. Further help includes providing rental car to the point of the breakdown/accident, organizing of alternative accomodation or alternative transfer. We will help you to organize the amendment of your vehicle in an authorized garage and also help you to deal with the insurance company.



What to do?

Phone our call centre. Our operators will advise you in any situation and if you need help they will organize it for you:

  • Towing of your vehicle to an authorized garage
  • On the spot reparation of the vehicle
  • Provision of rental car vehicle
  • Organization of alternative transport

When communicating with our operators, please tell them:

  • Where you are as exactly as possible (this will enable a quick and easy access of the assistance vehicle)
  • The nature of your vehicle`s breakdown and all the information about the vehicle (licence number, colour, number of persons, cargo, driver`s contact information)
  • All other information that will prevent us from making a pointless trip to you

Assistance Services Offer for:

  • Insurance companies
  • Leasing companies
  • Companies with their own vehicle fleet

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