TRUCK ASSISTANCE – mobility services

Since 2009, we have been offering, in cooperation with the Austrian company SERVICE 24 Notdienst GmbH, competent assistance to truckers in Slovakia and abroad.

TRUCK ASSISTANCE – služby mobility

TRUCK ASSISTANCE is a pan-European service - from tire replacement, emergency and non-motorized assistance, to fines and a one-phone guarantee. Some of these services are provided at European fixed rates. As an example, help can be given to the accident regardless of the vehicle brand, the service of tires at fair fixed prices, pulling, releasing, providing a guarantee for workshop repairs, providing insurance for police checks, or even providing legal assistance for the reduction or forgiveness of the fine.
TRUCK ASSISTANCE services are provided in all European countries - based on the pay per use system - the customer only pays for the services actually used.

Clients using the TRUCK ASSISTANCE service benefit in particular from the benefit of 24-hour professional assistance with calculated costs. The Independent Emergency Headquarters will offer you the most appropriate solutions in every country and in every situation, and qualified staff will provide you with the best help - saving you time and money. There is also a great advantage in providing help regardless of the brand - whether it’s a warranty or a maintenance contract - you will be assisted throughout Europe, regardless of the vehicle.

TRUCK ASSISTANCE – služby mobility

Thanks to the strong partnership, the best network in Europe

Thanks to our partner, SERVICE 24 Austria, we have an unrivaled network of service providers in Europe - no other organization can claim on its own that there are more than 39,000 service providers in the whole of Europe. Thanks to good cooperation with the manufacturer’s headquarters, we can also provide assistance in case of warranty or in specific cases. A high number of partners is also a guarantee of quick and flexible help. Thanks to a pan-European network, we can communicate with our customers nonstop in all European languages.

For more information about TRUCK ASSISTANCE, call: +421-2-21025923.